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WorkPay, our Payroll Management System that has been installed in critical scenarios to bring proper structuring in management of staff salaries and payroll processes.

It also comes with our Flagship Proximity card OR Bio-metric Finger Print Attendance Management System (This is an optional, but very important feature). With this, staff can be monitored automatically, with our payroll system, keeping record of clock in/clock out.

WorkPay registers all staff in the company along with their allowances and deductions which makes it easy to track ALL payroll expenses. Some of the management reports generated are monthly payroll (by department), staff pay slip (by department), bank payment schedule, tax report, allowance and deduction reports.

WorkPay provides a good way to track your company’s payroll at any given time. Our well-integrated and developed Payroll solution allows companies to achieve great efficiencies as regards staff remuneration and efficiency.


  • Supports regulatory compliance by implementing internal controls, audit trails and clear accountability.
  • Generates detailed reports which can be printed and exported into Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
  • User access levels can also be set, to control view of pages and/or vital information.
  • Ensures accountability in the payroll process.
  • Can be used in private and public companies.
  • It is web based i.e. the software is installed on a single server to serve your staff as you do not need to install the software on all computer systems at your location, users would simply login though their web browser.
  • The payroll can be saved monthly in the database or saved to a PDF file and recalled for official purposes.


  • Detailed Pay Slip (with staff passport).
  • Bank Payment Advice.
  • Tax Calculations .
  • Overtime Calculations.
  • Loan and Salary Advance.
  • Save payroll to database.
  • Automatic payroll calculation.
  • Departmental listing.
  • Grouped Allowances/Deductions.
  • Custom Allowances/Deduction.
  • Detailed Payroll Report .
  • Export Reports to Excel, Word e.t.c.
  • User level management.
  • Audit trail and so much more.


    • Data Entry
      • Personal Information Module with personalized allowances and deduction.
      • Allowance, Overtime.
      • Deduction, Loan, Tax.
    • Reports
      • Payroll Generation Module,
      • Personalized Pay slip generation Module (with an IMAGE ATTACHED TO EACH PROFILE, please scroll down to see screen shot ),
      • Bank Payment Schedule that prints out a sheet that the bank can use to pay employees.
    • Administration
      • Bank Setup.
      • Department Setup.
      • User Setup, User Access Levels, User Level Permissions
    • Proximity Smart card /Biometric Attendance System (PREMIUM MODULE)
      • Macronexus’ flagship Attendance management system can be integrated into the Payroll Management System using two methods,
        • Proximity Smart Card system: Our smart card system allows for all staff to have their bio data registered on smart cards which will be used to clock in/out every day at a designated location. The clock in/out data is sent to the database from which the Payroll Management System will display attendance logs for each staff. The cards can also be used as ID cards.
        • Biometric Attendance System: Our biometric device is the World’s most Advanced Employee Time and Attendance system. This award winning and patented multi-spectral imaging system captures superior images quickly, on all people, and in all environmental conditions with near zero failure. The Biometric Device was designed to work in any corporate environment, from small to large scale enterprise organizations. With the Easy Clocking state-of-the-art fingerprint authentication technology you can track employee’s time and attendance with the touch of a finger. Biometric fingerprint authentication is the most accurate way to collect employee time and attendance information. Our Biometric device verifies employees identity based on the characteristics of their fingerprint.
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